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Sharyl started it all by winning the Title of “Most Beautiful Baby” in a baby contest at age 4. She went on to perform in many benefits, as well as dancing and singing in live plays at the direction of Bea Calhoun, Dance Teacher.

Sharyl was first introduced to the motion picture industry through her dancing teacher, Calhoun, who later became Sharyl’s stage manager. Bea knew an agent by the name of Mitzi MacGregor, who was then introduced to Sharyl’s mother Lola Locke. Sharyl’s warm personality and ability to be lively without being a showoff, as well as quick to make friends and easily learn her lines, was how she landed the role of Jenny in the movie FATHER GOOSE (1964). Though young, she was outgoing and not bashful. Sharyl made a great impression on director Ralph Nelson the minute she walked through the door for the interview. He told her that she would have to cut her hair to her shoulders, and she replied “Oh no!  My daddy won’t like that, he likes my long hair.” Sharyl’s mother interjected, “It will be fine. It will grow back honey.” Sharyl’s mother and Nelson just chuckled.

Sharyl’s first professional appearance was on The Jack Barry Show in 1962, which resulted in a flock of TV commercials, some voice recordings for Hanna Barbara and other television engagements. Here are a few ads Sharyl appeared in: Chevrolet, Ralston Purina, Uptown Cola, Big Shot Chocolate, Sears and Marx Toys Commercials. She did voice overs for Robin Hood Flour, as well as Kellogg’s.

Her film roles include: One Man’s Way (1964), the story of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale; The Iron Kiss (1964, later titled The Naked Kiss; FATHER GOOSE; and I Saw What You Did (1965). For television, she appeared in an episode of Burke’s Law, episode “Password to Death” and the “Three Brides for Hoss” episode of Bonanza.

Currently, Sharyl owns two horses, enjoys horseback riding, swimming, camping and watching Turner Classic Movies and Westerns.

After leaving the movie industry, she finished school, went to college, then has worked until deciding to retire and enjoy the rest of her life with her husband Dominick, with whom she had two children. She also enjoys playing with her horse and grandchildren and camping.

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