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Patricia Charbonneau’s training began with Fred Kareman from the acclaimed Neighborhood Playhouse in New York, as well as with Wynn Handman of the American Place Theatre. Ms. Charbonneau owes her film debut to Donna Deitch for directing her in the ground-breaking film, DESERT HEARTS (1985). Ms. Charbonneau was nominated for The Independent Spirit Award for her portrayal of Cay Rivvers.

Ms. Charbonneau went on to work in more than 30 films and television series, and she has worked with Oscar-winning directors William Friedkin and Michael Mann. Ms. Charbonneau has co-starred with William Peterson, Stanley Tucci, Julie Andrews, Sam Waterston, Diane Weist and James Garner.

Ms. Charbonneau honed her craft while performing in classics as well as new American plays in New York, Los Angeles Europe and Australia. She has been passionate about introducing theater to children and young adults. She has taught workshops and has directed fund raisers for local art and community foundations in the Northern Catskills. Ms. Charbonneau has been busy raising her children and just finished putting her second daughter through college, as well as caring for her amazing 100-year-old mother.

Ms. Charbonneau is honored to be a part of the 10th Annual TCM Classic Film Festival. She has been an avid fan of TCM and classic films all of her life.

She made a promise to herself that once her girls were on their way, she would go back to acting and is looking forward to what’s ahead, a bit older, a whole lot wiser.

Friday, April 12
9:30 pm - 11:15 pm
Discussion after
The Legion Theater at Post 43
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