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Nicole Felsette Reynolds was born and grew up in Hollywood. Her parents were from Paris, France and they spoke French at home. One day, an agent called and wanted to interview her and her sister for French-speaking roles in FATHER GOOSE (1964). Although acting in FATHER GOOSE was an amazing adventure, it was hard work, and often boring. Nicole missed her friends and teachers in junior high. She appreciates good movies because of what she learned during the filming of FATHER GOOSE and because she was an “usherette” at the Pantages Theatre, when it showed first-run movies.

Nicole attended Hollywood High and UCLA, then spent her career as a Portfolio Manager and Securities Analyst with two L.A.-based pension funds. She traveled worldwide for her job and met with government officials, company presidents and other international fund managers.

Nicole is retired and enjoys oil painting. She continues to be interested in the arts, travel, investing and international events. She is a lifelong learner of political science, investing, history and health and an avid reader of biographies.

She lives in Newport Beach with her husband of 22 years. They continue to travel worldwide, but love returning to their home town, Newport Beach, where they enjoy being involved in a small city with a large pleasure harbor.

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