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Angie was born in Kulm, North Dakota in 1931. She and her two sisters lived in Edgeley, North Dakota, where her parents owned and operated the local newspaper. It was the early days of the Depression and the family lived on the 2nd floor of the business without heat. She remembers those freezing winters and her mother having to build a fire to keep the family warm. When World War II broke out in 1941, the family relocated to Burbank and joined the thousands of others who “invaded” California for jobs in defense plants and airplane factories.

Angie and her sisters attended Catholic School in Burbank. This is where Angie got her first “big break” by being one of the winners of a beauty contest publicizing NBC’s show, The Colgate Comedy Hour. The producers of The Colgate Comedy Hour then asked if she’d like to be in the next show, and she said yes. When she walked into the rehearsal hall, Jimmy Durante was singing with Frank Sinatra—who was the guest star of the upcoming show—and Angie was “bitten by the bug.” She dedicated the next five years to studying acting and was cast in many small parts, which built up to more prominent roles.

In 1958, she was chosen to be John Wayne’s leading lady in his next big movie, Rio Bravo (1959), directed by the great Howard Hawks, who had made many memorable movies in Hollywood.  Some of her most notable movies were Rio Bravo, OCEAN’S 11 (1960), Dressed to Kill (1980), among others, and she went on to star in many TV shows over the next 50 years. In 1974, she starred in the successful TV series, Police Woman.

She was married once to her college sweetheart, Gene Dickinson, and later married the great composer Burt Bacharach. The two of them had a little girl named Nikki.

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